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What if we told you that all your friends and everyone you know could be the reason you win a competition? Well, that’s exactly what we’re telling you! Ladies and gentlemen, ANOTHER competition! Starting on the 8th of March 2021, and ending on 21 March 2021! Let’s talk terms & figures With R10 000 up for grabs and only fifteen traders to share it, what...
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How many friends do you have? How many people are in your circle? Now imagine if all those people paid you. They don’t, do they? No, unless you have really generous friends 😃 The three steps to making extra money Step 1 Sign up on ChainEX, the best crypto exchange in South Africa. Already have an account? Awesome! In that case, log in! Step 2 The easiest...
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You’ve heard of ChainEX, but what exactly is it? How do you make money and are they legit? All your questions and more will be answered in this article 😃 What is ChainEX? ChainEX is a South African digital asset exchange that offers South Africans a secure, user-friendly platform to buy, sell and trade various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Vault, YFI, SUSHI, LINK, and...
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Yes, yes it is very important 😃 You’ve probably come across the term a lot. Even on ChainEX. It’s for your own good, really. 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) is a really important security feature to keep you and your funds safe. Is my password not good enough? 😕 It is. But not really 😅 Your ChainEX password is probably the same as your email, Facebook,...
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